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A.I.Planning, a specialist for International Purchase and Procurement

Based upon your request for quotation, we purchase and perform the following products and services.

For clients outside Japan

We source from Japan market, and also from Asia countries such as Malaysia, China and South Korea. Sometimes the price is much cheaper in these countries where manufacturers set up the lower dealer price. We can even purchase directly from their factories.

For clients in Japan

We source from other countries such as US, UK, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Spain, China, Malaysia and so on.
We have allies and partner companies in more than 20 countries. We source for our Japan clients based on the specification, required standard, forex rate, local price.

Products and Parts by Industry

We are dealing with the following parts and products;

- Electrics and Electronics: Relay, Contactor, Module, Cable, Timer, Clock, Circuit Braker, Probe, Starter, Condensor, Compoments Material, Component Equipment, etc.

- Industrial: Blowers, Motors, Pumps, Sensors, Gauges, Vacuums, Testing Equipment, Machinery Tools, Rollers, Monitors, Batteries, etc.

- Lightings: Lamp, bulb, light, Halogen, LED, Fittings, Ballast, Starter, etc.

- Kitchen, Laundry, and Spa & Bath: Warmer, Coffee Machine, Heating Element, Shower, Dryer, etc.

- Marine: Offshore Power Supply, Anti-Fouling, Spare Parts for Shipyard and Vessels.

- Mining and Construction: Swing Doors, Wall and Floors, Heavy Machinery, etc.

- Defence and Aerospace: For Japan Defence Forces, US Military Bases, Govenment Agencies.

We also contact and find the parts, coordinate shipping and transportation at your request.

Brand Name Makers and Manufacturers

Here is the only part of our manufacturer's list; ABB, A.M.R.A., Tridonic Atco, VLM, BLV Licht,Aqua Signal, Azienda Chimica Genovese, Arditi, Altenburger, Aquamatic Cover, Wood-Line, RiverFlow, Yiber Engineering, Elco Motors,Electrolux, Electrotehnica, Osram,Carter Hoffmann, Rio Swim Spas Carel, Clark Filter, KOERNER Saunabau, Ishiguro, GOSSEN Mueller & Weigert,Cona Group, Comadan Produktion, SIBA-Zentrale, Simes, Siemens, Pantex-Cissell,Schnerider, CLI, Aquavations,Jacuzzi, Merlin Gerin, Migishita,Imada, Telemecanique, Toshiba, Toyo Wheel, JAI, Schorch,Sylvania, Spohn & Burkhardt, Cecilware, Sonnenschein, Exide, Turck,noratel, Yamatake, Berker,Hugo Mueller, Finder, Atlet, fasco, Philips, Fairfild,Ferraz Shawmut, Shimadzu, Frymaster, Prozyme, Besam, Beha-Hedo,Murr Elektronik, Vossloh-Schwabe, Marcus Transformer,Marinco, Mitutoyo, Light Partner, Radium, Legrand, Pionier,Aquatic Access, Ito

We also contact and find the manufacturers at your request.

For more information or inquiries, please contact us by e-mail.

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