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A.I.Planning, a specialist for International Purchase and Procurement

Based upon our clients' request for quotation, we purchase and perform the following products and services.

80% of our business is procuring parts and equipment from overseas for our Japan clients.
Our clients are in the following industries.

- Construction and civil engineering: Contractors for US military Base, Japan Highway Agencies, commercial and government projects
- Aerospace and Aerocraft: Japan Aerospace Exploring Agencies
- Defense: Japan Self Defense Force
- Manufacturing: Electric & Electronics, Automobile, Factory Automation
- Marine & Offshore: Ship builders, contractors for ship maintenance

Our closure rate

Unlike other large corporataions, our expenses for operation is very limited. So we can minimize our fee.
Also, we have allies and partners throughout the world. We can source from the countries with comparison of price, forex rate, ship charge.
Not only the price, we also serve our clients with utmost service. We share the problem with clients and understand what they mostly need. This method derives from our fundation, consulting.
We always keep in mind that we are not only selling products, but we are aware of selling value-added service that no other company can do. We thank our allies and partner companies are with us doing same policies.
Addition to ours and our partners effort, we always consider win-win-win situation for all of us. We want to win, but also we want our clients win, and partners and suppliers win.
That makes our closure rate of 70%.

Distribution of our original products

We distribute our own products to Japan market, such as animal repellent and accessories wearing support goods.
These are supplied only by us as a sole distributor, other than copied products (that is every distributor's nightmare). We only distribute one-of-a-kind, improve our QOL for both personal and business products.
This business is only 10% of our total revenue. However, these products are long life and very constant that we can build solid relationship with nationwide sales channels, such as DIY home centers, specialty stores, general merchandise stores, department stores, TV and catalog shopping.

For more information or inquiries, please contact us by e-mail.

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