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Founded in 2002 then incorporated in 2006, A.I. Planning has been providing various international business support for both domestic and international companies.

We had started our business as an international business consulting for domestic corporations and organizations. As increasing of purchasing inquiries, we start importing the products from overseas upon our clients' request.

Our main role is to procure spare parts and equipments for Japan customers such as Marine and Offshore, Defence Agency, Aerospace and Aircraft industry, Construction and Civil Engineering. It consists 80% of our total business. Another 10 % of our business is export from Japan to overseas customers. Remaining 10% of our business is import "One of a Kind" products as a sole distributor in Japan from overseas and distribute to our own sales channels throughout the country.

Previously, Ms. Ishikawa was in financial and international business consulting firms in US and Japan for 12 years. And the company's international partners have expertise in the industries. Her experience and partners' expertise add the company a solid connection and best knowledge in the business.

Ako Ishikawa, CEO

A. I. Planning, Inc.
2-2-1 Marunouchi
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005 Japan
Telephone    81 3 6256 0381
Facsimile    81 3 6256 0382
URL   http://www.aiplanning.net/

A member of
The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

A registered company of
Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Promotion Agency

A Board Member of
"Global Tokyo", The Total Industrial Solution Provider

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